Hart’s Guitars

Artisan classical guitars.

Single production nylon string guitars perfect for the curator of the uncommon. Classical guitars under the hood, one-of-a-kind instruments on the exterior. Each guitar is unique and has no equal anywhere in the world. When it’s not being played, one of our guitars can be hanging as a featured piece of art in your home.


Unique hand crafted classical guitars like you’ve never, ever seen before. If you seek an instrument like no other, you’re in the right place. For the curator of the uncommon.


I’m always in research mode and love to write about what I’m learning. Guitar design and build to woodworking and painting.

Coming soon…..


Over the years, I’ve had a fascination with bamboo flute making. I have an assortment of them around my home I pick up and play occasionally. Taking the time to breathe in a different way to make sound come out of a flute never disappoints, always removing a bit of stress.

This comic was drawn when I was a teacher. On recess one day, I was teaching two students about contour drawing. I drew the flute player. Student #2 drew the skeptic and student #3 doodled the mystic at the bottom.

At the time, I was doing a project with my group making bamboo flutes. I was also reading lots of Rumi at the time.

I am the hole on the flute God’s breath flows through.


The skeptic doesn’t want to hear all this mystical stuff about God. At the time of this drawing we did together, I had dreads. The mystic at the bottom is one my student’s portrayal of me, trying to be a positive influence on the skeptic, who was not enjoying the activity.

Stay tuned for a page about flute making. I grow my own bamboo and have great stockpile of pieces just waiting to sing.

A classical guitar setup guide.

Classical guitar setup blog article.

This has been, by far, my most popular post. If you have a guitar that’s not fun to play, this setup guide will help you help yourself bring it back to life. Learn how to give your classical, nylon string crossover, or acoustic guitar the precise adjustments it needs regularly for maximum playability.

Every artist was first an amateur.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
One of my early art pieces.

When I’m not making guitars, I like to paint.

Self-portrait, nine months into the pandemic and a year since my last haircut..

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