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Hi, everyone. Welcome to Hart’s Guitars and Luthier School.

Update…… 5 months later.

It’s hard to believe five months have passed since I started this website. Since that time, I began hosting students at Hart’s Guitars in guitar building courses. I’ve bought some new luthier tools including a thermal heating blanket setup for bending the sides of the guitar.

In other news, Ive begun doing more of the business side of things like making flyers and a business card.

I created the logo using
My first business card ever. I

Traditional Classical Guitar Plans

I’ve also begun to make traditional, classically designed classical guitars. It is such a joy to get into the design of the masters. At Hart’s Guitars you can now build an 1869 Francisco Gonzalez classic or a Goya G-10 (the same model guitar that Julie Andrews played in “The Sound of Music) by spec.

Setups for your classical

I now offer setups for classical and nylon stringed guitars. A setup will include: new strings, clean up of the fretboard, and a careful analysis of your guitar’s action and intonation to make the micro adjustments needed to bring your guitar’s playability comfort zone into its full potential. If you’ve invested a lot money into a nice guitar but it doesn’t play well (or is not fun to play) then what is it worth? Do yourself a favor and give that old nylon string a nice tuneup. $100

Setup with replacement of nut and saddle. $130

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