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Hi, everyone. Welcome to Hart’s Guitars and Luthier School.

This site is currently being built. But, I’m gonna go ahead and open up for the world to see. If you wait to have things perfect before sharing them, they end up collecting dust. I’ll be making guitars and writing articles about the process. I’ll also be hosting guitar building courses at Hart’s Guitars where you’ll come learn from me how to build your very own guitar. The first dates are booked already but future class schedule to be added soon. I look forward to sharing this journey with the world and making some great guitars and lifelong friends.

Head scratching problem solving guitar building.

Update…… 5 months later.

It’s hard to believe five months have passed since I started this website. Since that time, I began hosting students at Hart’s Guitars in guitar building courses. I’ve bought some new luthier tools including a thermal heating blanket setup for bending the sides of the guitar.

In other news, Ive begun doing more of the business side of things like making flyers and a business card.

I created the logo using
My first business card ever. I

Traditional Classical Guitar Plans

I’ve also begun to make traditional, classically designed classical guitars. It is such a joy to get into the design of the masters. At Hart’s Guitars you can now build an 1869 Francisco Gonzalez classic or a Goya G-10 (the same model guitar that Julie Andrews played in “The Sound of Music) by spec.

Setups for your classical

I now offer setups for classical and nylon stringed guitars. A setup will include: new strings, clean up of the fretboard, and a careful analysis of your guitar’s action and intonation to make the micro adjustments needed to bring your guitar’s playability comfort zone into its full potential. If you’ve invested a lot money into a nice guitar but it doesn’t play well (or is not fun to play) then what is it worth? Do yourself a favor and give that old nylon string a nice tuneup. $100

Setup with replacement of nut and saddle. $130

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