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Cigar-box Ukulele 001.

For fun, between guitars 004 and 005, I decided to build a ukulele into this cigar box I’ve had around the house for a while. It was fun, annoying, then fun, frustrating, infuriating, and then fun again. It took me two work days. Now that I know the process, I’ll build a few more and write up a curriculum with detailed notes and hand drawn (maybe watercolour) illustrations. Then, in the near future, I plan to offer cigar box ukulele building workshops. It’ll probably be a weekend kinda thing. Let me know if you’re interested and that will light a fire under me to get the ball rolling quicker. 

Not a toy. It actually plays music, and quite well. Sits upright on its own. Doubles as an objet d’art on your coolest conversational piece shelf.  $599 on sale $99. 

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