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On sale now at Big House Guitars……..

After a year and three months of obsessive learning, working and more learning….I have three guitars for sale in one of the coolest stores in Atlanta, Big House Guitars.

My guitars are on the far right, two up top and one (steel string) below.

On the top row of the guitar wall, mine are the ones on the far right (two up top and one below). The two on top are the nylon string guitars which I love to death. On the bottom is the only steel string I’ve made. It holds a very special place in my heart as well, being the first guitar I actually completed. Not in the picture is the one I’ll never sell, not even for a million dollars.

Not for sale. Ever.


Prices will be finalized tomorrow. But, tentatively….prices are: nylon string on the top left (mahagony top, back, sides, neck, cocobolo fingerboard) $899. On the right is the special “kasha brace” guitar (spruce top, mahagony back, sides, and neck, cocobolo fingerboard) and it will be, most likely, +/-$1099. The steel string guitar price will be determined tomorrow but somewhere around $1500. It comes with an Ameritage Hardshell case worth $600.

Speaking of the pricing….

I’m sure some people saw those prices and think to themselves…”Oh my God, that’s ridiculous (as in, that’s expensive!)!” Actually, these are very cheap prices for hand-crafted guitars and I’ll never sell them this cheaply again. For some comparisons, check out other makers’ prices here, here, here, and here.

I’m also sure that some people (luthiers and collectors) probably think those prices are ridiculously cheap. All i know for sure is that for now, these are prices I’m comfortable with. The guitars have had a chance to “settle in.” To my ears, they sound sweeter and sweeter with each day. They are solid, quality instruments. Cheap pricing is not a reflection of absolute worth or value. My product and brand is just new, that’s all. As my experience and skill level progress, I’ll definitely be getting much more for each instrument. So, get ’em while they’re hot (and cheap!).


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