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Hart’s Guitars to skip weekend markets until further notice.

Due to the rapid and wildly exponential spreading of coronavirus, Covid-19, Hart’s Guitars will not be attending this months’ Scott Antique Market in Atlanta. It’s a hard but logical conclusion to come to. At the risk of missing out on meeting new clients and pencilling in names for the upcoming guitar building classes, I think it’s more important to do my part to not only keep myself and family safe, but to also contribute in the wider effort of not giving this virus free range in which to disperse itself.

Stay tuned for articles and updates, however as I will continue to work with my current pupils on finishing their classical guitars. We have some really beautiful instruments almost completed here. Also coming soon, maybe in the next day or so, an article on complete acoustic guitar setup.

I’m still open for business, just not in markets where there’ll be thousands of people. There are a coupe of openings in spring guitar building classes, so sign up! i’m always taking in guitars for a nice restring and professional setup.

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