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Swan Bitcoin

Part of my new business plan is to invest, something I’ve not been doing at all. There is no doubt in my mind about one investment I can make and know it will be worth more (lots more) in the future. It’s Bitcoin. I have done my homework, my due diligence. It’s still early, not too late at all to get in and make huge profit in the long-term. Instead of trying to time my investment to get in at the right price, I buy a little bit of Bitcoin every day. Every single day, I acquire $10 worth of Bitcoin. Most economists and financial analysts agre that it will go up in value and by 2025, for example, it’s likely to be worth $500k per coin. Right now it’s around $50k. That is a 10X return. What that means is the $10 I buy each day now will be as if I put aside $100 every day. That’s an oversimplification, of course, but it gives an idea.

There is a bank called Swan Bitcoin that will do this purchasing for you. You sign up with them and give them a debit card/bank account number (just like with Netflix, Amazon, etc) and they will make daily, weekly, monthly purchases of Bitcoin for you as you choose and in the amount you specify. It’s that easy.

This gives me hope that some day I will eventually catch up to what I would have if I had been investing for the last 25 years. There’s never, ever been such an opportunity to grow wealth like this. Our parents and grandparents would wait a lifetime with most stocks to simply double their investment. With Bitcoin, it’s value has more than doubled every single year on average.

I’m not a financial advisor. I’m just sharing my story. If you want to start getting a little Bitcoin by dollar cost averaging (buying a little each day or week), here’s a link to get a reward of $10 in Bitcoin just for signing up.

they are not a sponsor for my website. I just love their service and want others to know this opportunity is out there.

Here’s a screenshot of an investment simulator/calculator they have at Swan Bitcoin showing the numbers (just for fun) as if I had been investing $10/day for the past three years.

i didn’t start this three years ago, unfortunately. But, it’s still early in the game and the sooner you get in, the more you’ll grow your money!

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Again, here’s my link for you to get free $10 Bitcoin and get started securing your money:

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