For the newbie: Parts of the guitar

In case you are new to the world of DIY guitar setup, the illustration below can help you locate the words you might not understand related to the guitar. .

The basic Tools you’ll Need

If you can’t acquire these things, don’t fret. I’ll tell you how to make it through the setup using ordinary items instead. You won’t be able to attain the accuracy I describe, but you’ll be in the neighborhood.

Materials you may need


If you are experiencing or have one of these issues, go ahead and plan to replace the nut:

  • Open string buzz,
  • Slots too big for the strings diameter,
  • outer E strings sit too close to edge,
  • string binding,
  • high action at first fret etc

Plan to replace the saddle if you have one that is:

  • cracked
  • ugly
  • too low and you have no option to have any more height removed for action adjustment
  • overworked
  • plastic (instead of bone). A bone saddle produces a much, much more defined note that plastic.

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