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Bamboo flute making.

Coming soon.

Bamboo flute making 101.

We’ll keep it simple, mostly.

We’ll dive deep when warranted.

Types of flutes we make

Fulani tambin flutes are the newest craze here. We’ve made a few so far, kicked the tires, and will be picking out the top pieces to finish into fine flutes we’d be proud to sell. This particular flute likely originated with the Fula (or Peuhl) people, who live throughout West Africa, with large populations in Guinea and Mali. Their flutes are also used in the traditional music of the Malinké people in Guinea, as a result of their living in close proximity with the Fulani for many centuries.

Native American scale bamboo flutes. The dreamy and healing sound of the Native American flute is unmistakable. Typically, the NAF is front blown. Our bamboo NAFs are side blown, also known as transverse flutes.

Bamboo meditation flutes. Side blown flutes tuned to an array of scales, from Middle Eastern to folky.

Bamboo flutes tuned to specific keys, like Bb minor.

Internodal Spacing.

The illustration says it all. Next time you’re out and about and see a patch of bamboo, notice the inter-nodal spacing. If it’s the length of your hand, it’s wouldn’t be good for making flutes. If that length between nodes, however, is comparable to an arm’s length or more, it’s a treasure trove of potential bamboo flutes. Normally, long inter-nodal spacing on bamboo is quite rarely seen, in my experience. I’ve been growing a particular species of bamboo called tropical blue (Bambusa Chungii).

bambusa chungii

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