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008. Jeffrey’s Goya G-10 classical guitar, Pt. 1

My first student at Hart’s Guitar’s Co. Ltd has been a friend of mine for a long time. His wife bought him a spot in my guitar building intensive as what must be the coolest gift ever for anyone who plays guitar.

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A little about my guitar making philosophy….

My guitars are handmade, meticulously set up for maximum comfort for the player. I make classical guitars and classical-style guitars that don’t adhere to the strict rules of classical guitar aesthetics. My design is sometimes asymmetrical, the fingerboard is at times radiused, and mahogany and other tonewoods are used for the soundboard instead of spruce. But I do also love spruce!! I’m not trying to reinvent the classical guitar, I am simply creating something unique, not bound by strict orthodox. Under the hood the guitars are built using strict, traditional, and very sound building techniques that have been proven with time by the masters. That is non-negotiable. So, if you love the feel of nylon string guitars, but you want something a little different than the “classical look” then your search ends here. I do also make traditional classical guitars, like the Francisco Gonzalez 1869 classic. I will also do custom orders for people who want to choose their own design and wood. If there is a guitar you want built let’s talk.

  • Hand crafted guitars from Avondale Estates, Atlanta, GA.
  • Classes offered in guitar building.
  • Workshops given on setup of the guitar.
  • Lessons in guitar playing in keys and improvisation using the CAGED system to learn the fretboard.