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Hart’s Arts.

When i’m not working on guitars……

I love to paint a room when I can’t come up with anything else to do.

Wood Working

Rustic, classy, simple, sturdy pieces to sit on, stand on, put your paints and tools on, or play guitar on.

Live edge bench

Solid slab of Pecan, Sycamore legs.

Five board bench

American Cherry. seat and legs with maple stretchers.

Small Cherry/Maple stools.

Lovely little seats made of American Cherry, flaming Maple, Walnut, and Mahogany.


watercolour painting

I have lots and lots of small-ish paintings, some framed and ready to hang.

Do you have a favorite photo you want me to do a painting of?

Paintings on sale

Man with guitar.
Selected for the Georgia National Art Fair in 2017.

Still life.

Painted at a workshop in rural New York with renowned watercolorist, Charles Reid.

Lauren nude.
Early nude figure painting.
$300 sold

Cat in window $310

Self portrait
Pandemic hair


Figure Drawings *

Maybe? NSFW from here down…..depending on where you work.

1 / 11

figure drawings $20

Any figure drawing for $20 will be mailed to you. Will frame any for $100.

Commisioned watercolors available. Email your ideas to me: hartsguitars@bambino706

*always looking for live models. $30/hr.

It’s really not that weird. At my first session (3 hrs), I blushed for 5 min and then couldn’t draw anything hardly for the first 10 minutes. But, then it became completely normal, like having coffee. Some of the figure drawings in the slide show above are from that very same session.

Thank you for stopping by

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