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A classical and acoustic guitar setup guide.

I’ve tried here to compile all that I’ve been able to learn regarding classical and acoustic guitar setups into an article for my students at Hart’s Guitars Co. Ltd. You may not need to read the entire article because you only need to fix one issue. Below, I have color-coded simple questions that can help you navigate quickly to the part of the process you need to jump to. Welcome to Hart’s Guitars’ classical guitar setup guide!

Which type of strings are best for my instrument and my playing style?

If you’re going to go through the setup process, chances are you also want new strings. I wrote a little piece about string choice recently. Believe it or not, your choice of strings can make a yuge difference in the guitar’s playability. Do you have one guitar that is much more of a joy to play than the others. You might wanna think about trying a different type of strings on the instruments that aren’t fun to play (obviously, in addition to the setup itself). Strings by mail is a great website rabbit hole of all things strings. Find your string type suggestions there (and learn a lot about strings)!