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Why I doodled “Welcome to Joe’gia!” (and what happened next).

The “Welcome to Joe’gia!” coffee mug story.

Hart’s Guitars still makes guitars… but for the moment, I’m happy to offer this timely piece of doodle art in a few unique ways. The coffee mug has been a big hit with my friends. I’m trying to figure out ways to make this available to the public without investing a counter-productive amount of money into social media advertising. For the moment, I’m mostly hoping people share this with their friends and in their Facebook groups related to Democrat issues. Here’s the story of how the doodle came into being.

This mug would be a great Christmas gift!

In a flurry of joy and excitement, I doodled this piece quickly on the Thursday after Election Day. I did it to share in a Facebook group of friends. We had been working to encourage voting in our state, Georgia. As the ballots continued to be tallied, Trump’s lead shrank and shrank til it got to the point where Joe was down by 1,200 with 17,000 roughly still to be counted. We all knew that absentee ballots were overwhelmingly used by Democrats and when I saw those numbers, I knew it was about to happen! So I sat down in my favorite chair with my iPad and pencil and doodled the “Welcome to Joe’gia!” design. I shared it to my Facebook group. Then, I went to bed.

In the morning, I quickly found out my little image had gone around the world and back. Every inbox I had was full of messages like: “Dude, did you see this,!! My grandma in California shared this in her bridge club, and “You need to get a lawyer to help you protect this.” Then, people wanted coffee mugs, t-shirts, stickers! I was getting legal and marketing advice from all angles. I’d love for you to swing by my Etsy store and peruse what I have to offer. This was all born out of a moment of joy and the fact that you all have expressed how much you love it is precisely why I’m making it available.

Atlanta Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, tweeted the image. Then, 11 Alive news interviewed me. I’m glad it has brought a smile to people.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Find your “peace” And hold This moment forever.

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